Schematic for making Freeplayer to work with your mixer faderstart. You don’t need much, just an LPT connector and 4 resistors.

Note, this will only work with an onboard LPT port, it must use a hardware IRQ7 to be able to work. PCI or USB-printerports will not work. Use the Velleman Kit instead then.

How to make the cable? download the fullsize schematic here
Note, Freeplayer can only work with “Pulse” Start.
The resistors you need are 4K7.

On pin 2 you’ll have the 5 volt from the LPT
On pin 10 is the Player 1 start
On pin 11 is the Player 2 start
On pin 12 is the Player 3 start
On pin 13 is the Player 4 start
Pin 25 = ground

Start 1,2,3 and 4 are the buttons starts (from your mixer)