Universal Buttonstart can be used with buttonstart on the LPT1 or USB port to control all kind of programs to interact with your buttonstart on your mixer!
Or just use the internal user programmable hotkeys to start an action, no hardware is required then. New: Version 1.5 can now work with midi-panels or other midi hardware like PTM-Europe

Most programs doesn’t have support for controlling the software directly with your mixer using button or faderstart, or sometimes it’s just to complicated and expensive to make this.

Universal ButtonStart/Hotkeys can do this job in a simple way. Just connect you mixer to the LPT1 port using the schematic. Only a real hardware LPT port will work with a real IRQ.
If you don’t have a LPT port, then you can use the Velleman USB kit (K8055 or VM110). This is a cheap hardware card that works with my software.
For more details on how to get this card check www.velleman.eu

Just program the correct mouse clicks to each button and you can use it directly. Universal Buttonstart detects the start signal and then presses the mouse key on the programmed location. For example the ‘Play Button’ in another program.

You can download the program at the link below. The program runs in Demo mode. Without a license it will run for 45 minutes and will then stop. You can run it again for a new 45 minutes demo again and again.

To remove the 45 minutes limit you need to buy a license for this program. The license costs € 29,99. contact me when you need a license.
Payments can be made with PayPal or Bank Transfer.