Playlist Builder is a database system for your audio files. It can make playlists in m3u format, ascii playlist for OtsDJ and hourly playlists for Freeplayer so it can run 24/7 on automix mode!

You can download it now for use as the Freeplayer Database. The program is ‘shareware’ , you can add unlimited files into the database, but only ‘edit’ the first 100 of them.

Update 18-4-2017 : Version 3.67, can now handle weekly m3u playlist. Tested on RadioDJ. You can now use PlaylistBuilder as a scheduler for RadioDJ. Use the calendar to select your playlist-day. It will save the playlist as yyyymmddhh.m3u with the date you selected in the calendar.

Update 16-02-2020 : Version 3.71

A licensed version costs € 29,99. Contact me for buying the license.
Payments can be made with PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Contact me on for details.

PlaylistBuilder manual