Freeplayer is an semi-automated broadcast system. It has 5 seperated On-Air Players. All players can be attached to an output on your soundcard. When using a 5.1 or 7.1 soundcard you can have 3 or 4 seperated stereo outputs on these cards. Freeplayer can handle almost every audio file and by just drag-n-dropping files into the playlist, or make a playlist with Playlist Builder, you can make your own live show with just a few clicks!
Freeplayer in combination with Playlist Builder can also run as a fully automated radio system. Make hourly format’s in Playlist Builder and Freeplayer will play out 24/7 without any attention.

For the real DJ effect, all players can be attached to your mixer by using fader or buttonstart from your mixer. You can use a simple schematic for connecting it to the LPT1 port, or use the Velleman USB card to connect your mixer. Check out the Hardware page for more information about this.

Mostly Freeplayer is Free-Of-Charge, however for some (advanced) features a license is needed to use them.
A pop-up will show when you need a license.

A License product of Freeplayer costs € 14,99 and the license will be valid for updates until version 4.
Payments can be made with PayPal or Bank Transfer.
Contact me for details on buying a license.

UPDATE 30-01-2021 New version 3.75: Function Add
Added support for midi devices for Faderstart use.