New! Jingle Pad Player 64.

28-11-2020 Added support for:
Novation X / Pro and Behringer CMD-DC1

Jingle Player, suitable for touchscreens. A total of 64 pieces visible on your screen. Multiple presets of 64 pieces can be made.

The program can be operated with the Novation MK2/MK3 Launchpads. See below for a video what that looks like. The standard (demo) version works completely, but after +/- 45 minutes the program closes. It can then be used again for the next 45 minutes. The paid version takes this limit off so that the program always works. Do you want to get started with the Launchpad? Then order the extra midi license.

Demo Version : Free (works +/- 45 minutes)
Normal version : € 29.99 (works full, midi for +/- half hour)
Midi-License : € 49.99
Combi package : (Normal version + Midi-License) € 69.99

What is the difference between the MK2 and MK3?
MK2 has 4 colors, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange to use. Other colors appear in “dimmed” colors of the 4 basic colors. The MK2 can also control the Preset, the Fade/Stop and Crossfade with the top row keys. The round buttons on the side are used to monitor the audio level.

MK3/PRO and X-models has Purple, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, White and Red to use. The top and side keys have no further function.
Put the MK3 on ‘User’ mode to work with Jingle Pad.